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S.T.A.R.T. User Guide
Released 8/14/2013
S.T.A.R.T. User Guide
S.T.A.R.T. software for Smart Touch and SmartDC
Released 2/27/2020
Install this software on your laptop to upload code to operators, change menu options, or read stored Smart Touch and Smart DC logs. To update your operator, you must also download new code.3.05
Smart DC Code
Released 1/3/2023
For use on all operators equipped with Smart DC Controller boards. Smart DC Controller boards are currently used in SwingSmart DC, SlideSmart DC, StrongArmPark DC and WedgeSmart DCh5.63
New generation Smart Touch Code
Released 7/26/2023
For use on all hydraulic operators equipped with "New Generation" Smart Touch Controller Boards. All Smart Touch operators manufactured after September 15, 2006 are equipped with New Generation boardsh4.63
Classic operator Smart Touch code
Released 6/1/2013
Latest version of “classic” operator code. All hydraulic operators manufactured prior to September 15, 2006 may be upgraded to this versionh3.27n
HyNet™ Gateway Code
Released 12/11/2017
For use on all HyNet™ Gateway SFP 4/1 products. This software may be installed using either a browser and the HyNet web server interface or by using a microSD card and the HyNet microUSB port.h2.10